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Chinese Odyssey

衣服 yi fu 颜色 yanse

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Students' activities snapshot

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Qing ren jie Valentine Day

Valentine Day

Chinese Moon Festival - Chang E

Chang E

Chinese Moon Festival 中秋节 zhōng qiū jié 10/3/2009


Chinese Moon Festival 中秋节 zhōng qiÅ« jié,  Mid Autumn Festival Chinese lunar calendar : August 15, 2009
Every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is at its maximum brightness for the entire year.

4 legend stories (1)  Chang E  (2) Jade Rabbit  (3) Wu Kang  (4) Moon cake.


Welcome to Ms. Tung website. I will post all resources in the locker. Please print the files and bring to the classroom.

All class works/assignments  are due by the end of the class day. You are granted for the extended credit (stamp) with completed work and full accuracy.  If you couldn't finish during the class, it's a homework for you and bring it next day.  


Mandarin teacher W. Tung

Mandarin teacher   W. Tung

Contact information

Tel : 650-558-2999 ext. 3909
Voice mail : 650-558-2460 ext. 6925
Personal meeting by appointment

WenYen Tung Locker

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